Muzeiko (Bulgarian for "little museum") is a 35,000 square foot children's museum in Sofia, Bulgaria. Designed by Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Parnership, Muzeiko is the first children's museum in Eastern Europe and opened in 2015.

My Role: Consulting for the LHSA+DP design team as the lead Interpretive Specialist on the project, I worked in close collaboration with several Bulgarian and American specialists to bring scientific and cultural content to life for young children and their families. Recognizing that the institution would have to serve diverse audiences that had never visited a children's museum, the science content is communicated with a variety of interactives ranging from hands-on and physical challenges to digital games. Working intensively in every stage of the design process, I conducted research, developed the "voice" and experience of the exhibit, co-curated the content with Bulgarian colleagues, wrote the English label copy, and served as an integral member of the media team in creating 15 interactive games.

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Photos courtesy Rayna Teneva