Muzeiko (Bulgarian for "little museum") is a 35,000 square foot children's museum in Sofia, Bulgaria. Designed by Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Parnership, Muzeiko is the first children's museum in Eastern Europe and opened in 2015... more

The West Hartford Children's Museum identified several project partners to contribute content for a new dinosaur exhibit for young children... more

In the midst of an institutional redesign, the New York Historical Society chose to devote the lower level gallery space to creating a Museum and Library that introduces children and their families to New York City History... more


Education & Curriculum

A new IMAX film about engineering marvels like the Millau Viaduct and the Shanghai Tower which incorporate new design techniques to stand up to the Earth's forces opened in February 2017. The film's producers wanted educational activities and content... more

Daisy Yoga offers classes specific to the corporate and office environment. After nearly 5 years of operation, the company was seeking to expand by offering Teacher Training... more

“It has been my pleasure to work with Christina on a number of different exhibition projects, both in North America and Europe.
She brings passion and intelligence to her work..." more

Christina Ferwerda creates content, exhibits and educational experiences internationally.


With over ten years of experience, Christina uses exceptional educational knowledge and content planning to contribute to interpretive exhibitions and curriculum. In the early stages, Christina develops a project’s concept with the team, structures its goals and audience hierarchy, and lays the groundwork for its content research. She develops content into compelling story lines accessed through multi-modal interpretive and educational strategies that attract and engage identified target user groups. Throughout the design process, Christina is an audience advocate, drawing extraordinary user awareness from her considerable experience as an educator and curriculum developer in New York City.  When requested, she also creates educational materials, which align with client goals and educational theory.