It has been my pleasure to work with Christina on a number of different exhibition projects, both in North America and Europe.
She brings passion and intelligence to her work informed by her museum, education, and movement practices.
Christina is also an excellent creative partner — able to offer exciting new ideas, but equally able to find thoughtful solutions to the inevitable challenges that arise during projects.
— Paul Orselli, Independent Exhibit Consultant
I have worked with Christina on a number of museum exhibition projects. She is very adept at keeping both clients and exhibit content (often voluminous amounts of content!) organized and updated throughout a project’s development. She constantly works to streamline the content management process, tracking project development with well-structured meeting records, carefully crafted outlines, exhibition scripts and other necessary project documentation. She is always a very engaging member of our exhibition design team, approaching her work with a sense of fun and inquisitive engagement. I would highly recommend her for your project.
— Scott W. Briggs, AIA | Senior Associate, Museum Services Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership
Christina is a thorough and professional researcher and curriculum developer who helped take my ideas and back them with a tremendous body of work. Investing in her services as a curriculum architect has had incredible return on investment, and I hope to continue to engage with her to develop Daisy Yoga’s educational services.
— Lauren Coles, CEO Daisy Yoga